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rekindledtitan: (Some bright spark)

Last spark from the ashes

Light tomorrow's fire

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Created on 2014-10-01 23:17:23 (#2326540), last updated 2017-09-16 (1 week ago)

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"Blaze lives for the fight. At this rate, she's likely to die for it. Again."

Exo Guardian (Titan class, Striker subclass). Revived from death and retrieved from an ancient ship-breaking yard two years ago. Threw herself into the defence of the Last Safe City with gusto. Enthusiastic, friendly and open if you're not an established enemy; relentless against those who are. Poor at reading between the lines. Quicker to act than to think. Regularly pushes her luck beyond the point her substantial armour and armament can justify.

Might not have adjusted as neatly to her new identity as she believes.

Further details to be expanded shortly.

To get in touch, drop a PM or comment here.

Setting Notes

Her canon setting is Earth (and nearby planets) following a cultural and technological Golden Age and subsequent collapse of civilisation brought on by the assault from a powerful outside entity called the Darkness. For roleplay purposes this can be flexible due to space travel/long deactivation/’oh no, you’ve touched a Hive shrine and been sucked into a space-time vortex’. These things happen.

Canon Information

Guardians | Titans | Exos

Interests (33):

aliens, artificial intelligence, awoken, cabal, dancing, emblems, exos, fallen, fieldplate, fighting, flashbang grenades, ghosts, grenades, guardians, hunters, jumpships, moon wizards, rasputin, rifles, robots, rocket launchers, smithcraft, space magic, space travel, sparrows, the darkness, the speaker, the traveller, titans, towers, upgrades, warminds, weaponry
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