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TYPE: Personal log

LOCATION: The Last City, Earth

PARTIES: Three [3]. One [1] Ghost-type, [1] Guardian-type, designate Blaze-37, Class Titan [[personal profile] rekindledtitan], One [1] Unconfirmed, designate Rogers, Steve [[personal profile] juststeverogers]

ASSOCIATIONS: Multiversal Nexus; Rogers, Steve; Harrowheart; Earth; Ixis Naugus; Blaze-37; Shaxx

You can’t teleport straight into the Tower, so once again Blaze and Ghost are bringing a guest aboard their ship. The Exo stands back a step as the materialize, not wanting to crowd their human friend in the cramped interior.

“So this is our jumpship,” she explains, gesturing at the little cabin. Ghost’s already powering up the lights - and the life-support, which fires up with a hiss of fresh air. It’s fortunate they’ve been keeping the place better heated since their last organic visitors. It looks pretty bare and cold right now, everything that might mark it as a living space tucked away behind patchwork metal plating. “Sorry we have to take the long way round, but on the bright side that means you get to come in the scenic route. Go ahead and take a seat.”

She has to mean the only item of furniture there: the hefty pilot’s seat with its worn padding. Blaze is going to move around it and go right for the cockpit controls. And hey, the interior decor might not be much, but the view from the big forward displays is nothing to sniff at: a sweeping window with the glowing blue curve of Earth visible below, and no atmosphere masking the countless stars above

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He waits until the Warlock has made his departure before he looks back up to Blaze with one eyebrow raised.

"Hey, what's the difference between here and the City?" He sort of thought that's where they were, but if not there certainly seems to be enough folks hanging around wherever here is. The tower? He's not totally sure. As long as what they need is here he's sure it won't be a trouble.

"So...he's the officer in charge of training the Vanguards?" Steve tries to make sense of her explanation anyway, equating it to what he knows about the army from his own time.

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"Not enough people for that kind of thing? Or just, not that kind of operation?"

It seems bizarre to Steve that they wouldn't have a formal military to combat there varied and many enemies, but they seem to do alright for themselves so it's probably best if Steve doesn't press the issue too terribly much. The last thing he wants to do is accidentally offend anyone.

"Well, you folks may not need training, but I sure do." Steve reaches back and taps at his shield. "I'd like to do a little more than flail aimlessly with it."

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"Gosh, you woulda hated the Army back home."

Steve laughs outright but the way he grins at Ghost in particular says he knows what the little bot is so delicately trying to say without actually outright saying it. Still, Blaze has a point. Steve can't think of any kind of drill sergeant no matter how rough and touch that could make Blaze drop and give them twenty pushups or anything else for that matter unless she felt like it.

Come to think of it, he's not even sure the drills would help her out. That may have something to do with the lack of structure here too.

"Ready and willing." He agrees eagerly. Training may be rough work, but it will only make him better.

Date: 2017-03-19 05:42 pm (UTC)
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" just simulation, right? They're not really killing each other right?"

Steve shifts on his feet while he watches what he can of the screens that aren't blocked by Shaxx's enormous frame. He's admittedly a little nervous that he won't be good enough comparatively.

Not with seasoned soldiers of so many races He makes himself take a deep breath. He's here to learn how to do his part. Even if Shaxx refuses to train him, he may be able to watch and learn enough he can try on his own.

It's worth a shot.

Date: 2017-04-17 06:29 pm (UTC)
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"..So...they are okay after it's all over."

Steve doesn't want to ask how that works, but considering Blaze's physiology it's probably not the sort of thing that he'd be able to pull off. Best to not get killed in the first place. Or at least try not to.

Steve nods at the introduction before offering a salute. It's the Army salute form his time so it may not be immediately recognizable but the gesture is one of deep respect.

"She's correct sir. I'm looking for training."

Date: 2017-05-09 07:33 pm (UTC)
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"I don't know if I am."

Steve's admission comes before anything else. But he unfastens the shield he has strapped to his back and settles it on his right arm all the same. The crystal reflects the light from Shaxx's screens in the dim room.

"But I've never been given the opportunity to find out before. The world and time I come from is in the middle of a war. The place I met Blaze is safer, but innocent people are still being hurt. I have no right to do any less than anyone else. All I'm asking for is the ability to better survive the situations I will already be putting myself in."

He's got plenty of marks and scars for proof if Shaxx doesn't believe him, but there is nothing but determination and honesty in Steve's conviction.

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"I'm used to pain."

It's not something he likes by any means, but it is something he's had to get used to over the years. From his asthma to the bruised and broken bone she's gotten standing up for what he feels is right.

"I don't like bullies, no matter what form they come in, sir." If Shaxx thinks he knows who Steve is, then it's all the better for him right now. He's never thought that about the man people think he should be before but he is right this moment. Steve is careful when he pulls his shield off of his arm and offers it to the commander.

"I accept the terms."

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"It was a birthday gift from a friend."

Steve's voice is proud when he speaks about the shield. Harrow had it made specially for him. But that also means it's probably more magical than it is scientific in design.

"I'm not sure how it works much beyond 'magic'." He pauses when Blaze is chastised, and then shakes his head. "I'll thank you instead. And not because you've done me a favor. Because you've given me a chance."

Date: 2017-05-16 08:25 pm (UTC)
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Steve figures that makes a lot of sense. Harrowheart is undead and his skills definitely aren't what one would consider aligned to the Light. Any kind of light. And he said Ixis Naugus helped with it, and Steve's got no idea what kind of magic the wizard wields.

There's no words for how grateful he is that Shaxx doesn't let go of the shield until it's resting on the ground. What was funny once would mostly just be sore and embarrassing on repeat. When he's able to lift it again he'll strap it back on his arm and follow Blaze out.

"I think I'm gonna die." Steve laughs nervously after he makes the comment but shrugs. "I didn't think he'd let me, to be honest."

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"Because of everything that's wrong with me, mostly. All the recruiters used to say they were saving my life by not letting me enlist."

The sunlight is a warm reminder that this is still the world Steve calls home, even if nothing else about it is anything that he knows. This world could very well be his own in the far off future. He raises his head to look out across the base Blaze calls home and squeezes the leather straps that affix his shield to his arm.

"It's for the survival of everyone. The greater good. Yeah. I get that."

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"I'm ready."

Says the small man in a thick blue coat that makes him look more like a child set to go play in the snow than a soldier. The tasty smells are cataloged for later inquiry but for now the human is eager and ready for anything.

Well, ready to be completely crushed but as long as he learns something he's going to count this as a success. There's several stalls all along the way to the elevator--a huge industrial looking thing that may have once hauled grain before it was used to shepherd Guardians and their gear. Steve picks up his pace to keep step with Blaze and makes right for it as well.

"Have you met her before?"

A Different kind of Museum Experience

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"Are all of these Now?"

The pace has slowed considerably once they're out of the elevator and in the stone hallway. He isn't sure where to look first and so follows Blaze's directions and studies each of the statues in turn as they pass. Every banner has a story. A person who wore those colors.

For it being some version of his own world, Steve has a hard time imagining this place as Home. But Blaze calls it as such. He wonders if people would view his place in Brooklyn much the same way. An alien place with unknown customs.

The heat from the forges keeps the halls from being too chilly, much to the human's gratitude. He has to remove his hood before long lest he overheat.

But past the statues and down to the right there is more noise than there was when they got off the elevator. He squares his shoulders and tries not to look as small as he feels.

"Okay. You can do this, Rogers." He's not nervous. Shut up. Okay, maybe a little bit.

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