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Oct. 2nd, 2014 03:05 am
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Appearance/equipment notes:

- Blaze stands easily six feet out of armour and a few inches more when she's fully geared up. Her armour tends to mask the relative gauntness of her frame compared to an organic species; if she's out of it, expect to see her sporting some recent battle damage by way of explanation.

- She is usually in the company of around three variously-sized guns and always in that of the palm-sized floating lightbulb that is her Ghost. He materialises from her systems when it suits him and is responsible for matters technical, from watching her back to decrypting communications to reviving her from death. It happens.

- While her armour and equipment are loaded with snazzy high-future tech, the powers she wields (including her grenades) are owed to her connection with the Traveler. She's a conduit for the Light she carries, not the primary source. Characters sensitive to such things may be able to notice.


Though she’s at her happiest in a fight, Blaze is generally cheery and tolerant, dedicated to protecting her fellow Guardians, the Last City and human civilisation in general. Despite her benevolent intentions, diplomacy is not her strong suit. She can read expressions and cues in conversation, but has a harder time grasping new viewpoints and motivations. Consequently she tends not to read between the lines and just takes people at their word. However, she can understand complex matters just fine if they’re explained to her and/or she has time to think them over.

Blaze’s default tactic in battle is to hit hard, hit fast, and aim to scatter the enemy and/or take down the most dangerous target. She exults in the fight, win or lose and regardless of what damage she takes. Prone to overstepping the limits of what she can handle and underestimating her enemies, Blaze favours ‘take a swing at it’ (usually literally) as a primary test of their strength. She trusts in her own durability and close-quarters firepower to get her out of the resulting scrapes. The second time round, she’ll take a smarter approach.

Particularly in these situations, she’s reckless with her own safety beyond the point that her substantial armor and armament can justify. It’s not that she’ll ignore obvious safeguards, or strategy, or basic common sense – it’s that she’s constantly pushing the bounds of her luck, always taking on the biggest target, always drawing the most fire. Safeguards can only protect you so far. She doesn’t scare readily, to the point that she doesn’t particularly know what to do with fear when she experiences it. Her response tends to be (self-)destructive.

Blaze remembers nothing of her past before her Ghost revived her, and has decided she doesn’t really care to. The only clues to her origins – as with every exo – are an odd recurring dream and the core knowledge that she was created for war. She’s learned just enough of human history to decide she’s safer not knowing the details. There’s a certain determination in the way she plunges onward without a backward glance.

Despite that, she doesn't plan ahead too much, although that might be a symptom of how recently she was brought back from the dead. There’s far too much for her to take in now, so that despite a vague belief in the glorious victories that lie ahead, she has neither invested in concrete plans for the future nor stopped to put down roots in the present. As sociably-inclined as she is, she takes very little time off-duty to build connections, socialise or even form up with a fireteam. Once she’s repaired and resupplied, it’s normally straight back out to the fray.

Likewise, even though she admires and honours the traditions and stories of the City and Guardians – especially the Titan Orders, of course – she hasn’t taken time to learn about and connect with them, which may be impeding her adjustment. Right now she approaches her identity in a kind of shallow fashion, revelling in her new power and purpose without actually questioning or understanding it more critically.


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